What makes one Rich?

Over the years, human societies have evolved differently in various part of the world. Personally, the meaning of Rich has also evolved over time.

as a kid, when I learnt the word Rich, it meant having lots of money.

as I grew up, I think of Rich in a slightly different way, to me being happy is being Rich.

before I continue on, let me share a familiar but meaningful story: The parable of a Mexican fisherman. Continue reading What makes one Rich?

Will I make a difference in 2018?

It feels weird and awkward to write a blog again (among other things) after my long hibernation. But it’s better late than never. As the saying goes, “New year new beginning”. But before that, I should reflect on the past in order to improve for the future. Continue reading Will I make a difference in 2018?

Play Safe!

Hello! It’s been a while since I last posted. I ended my powder season with a Bang! Literally…

I am glad I had my protective gear on, else the end result could be really different.IMG_3545


Anyway while we are on the topic of playing safe, one could also apply similar protection financially too. Here are a few examples that come to mind: Continue reading Play Safe!

Summer day blues

Summer’s officially gone. (Some of my friends would even argue it’s existent here)

My parents arrived in Scotland last week, they managed to catch a glimpse of summer warmth while we were walking around the coast over the weekend. Since then it’s been the typical grey weather we get most days.

IMG_3441Why am I writing about the weather? Continue reading Summer day blues

Second Shared Trade


I am lying on a nice sunny Mallorca beach as I type. So I decided to publish my potential second shared trade to spread the warmth.  Continue reading Second Shared Trade

Investing Beginner Q&A

I got some questions through the Contact PowderFool form last week in regards to some Investing Beginner FAQ. So I am going to answer them here so you can read them or discuss them more if you like. Continue reading Investing Beginner Q&A

Shadows of my Past

I like taking the train. It gives me time to reflect on my past. In this information era, things move so quickly and there are often times we miss the little things in life that make it beautiful.

Last weekend I took a coastal train to Edinburgh. Although with the typical grey weather of Scotland, the green pine conifer trees along the coastal path make the scenic journey enjoyable. I also saw a few highland cows along the way which reminds me of a friend that left Aberdeen recently, you know who you are 😉

So the 2.5 hours journey made me think of a few shadows of my past, some people might call it regrets, but I think shadow is more appropriate for my circumstance.

Continue reading Shadows of my Past

4 Simple Ways to Invest in Volatile Markets

What would you do in the upcoming Autumn Sale? (Spring Sale for my Oz and southern hemisphere friends)

Some shops would actually state when the Sale would end. It gives shoppers a sense of urgency to encourage them to buy now. There are times when I bought games during the Sale (I am a geek after all), some games prices would go up to its normal price after the Sale, but some actually go on further discount, I get frustrated about this as I could have bought more games!!!

volatile marketUnfortunately unlike a Sale, you would not know when volatile markets would end. So with the very volatile market since 21st August, how do I shop for Bargains in this Sale?

I chatted with a good friend last week. He is a professional trader and market maker. He got concerned about my wellbeing when he read my blog post about What to do in a Market Correction. I am glad to have a good friend like him around. We got into a good discussion about how do we buy in a volatile market. Let me share 4 Simple Ways to Invest in Volatile Markets:

Continue reading 4 Simple Ways to Invest in Volatile Markets

How to weather a Market Correction

I wrote about What to do in a Market Correction previously, but How do we weather a Market Correction?

It doesn’t matter whether the Market is Up or Down, I still live my Rich life just like the Mexican Fisherman.

So firstly, just live your daily life as it should be during a market correction.

Don’t let the market swings affect your Rich life!

Let me share a few tips that would help you weather a market correction:


Continue reading How to weather a Market Correction

A Storm is Coming! What to do in a Market Correction.

Over this weekend, I got quite a lot of messages asking similar questions,

“What should I do with shares? Is it going to be like 2008?”

I am sure many of you out there might be thinking the same as well.

I did plan to write about market correction before I started this blog a month ago, it’s not because I have a crystal ball, but statistically speaking, we are long overdue for a market correction. As an investor, we should prepare ourselves both mentally and financially for it.

“A Storm is coming! Take Heart Young One, the Earth Mother is Near.”

1529px-Cairne_Bloodhoof_fullFor those that played a lot of Warcraft 3 game, you might be familiar with these Cairne Bloodhoof quotes, when you are commanding your orc troops around.

Last Friday 21 Aug 2015, from the market high, the US benchmark S&P 500 is 8% down, the Dow is 10% down, The UK FTSE 100 is 13% down.

Today the Australia, Asia markets continues the downward trend.

You get the idea, a storm is coming! What should you do? Continue reading A Storm is Coming! What to do in a Market Correction.

My First Shared Trade and a Cheeky message that made my day

With the market pullback on Friday, I think it is a good time for me to publish my first shared trade. (I was keeping it for later, but the price is very enticing now)

I am going to start sharing some of my basic trades here from time to time. Please note that this is for informational purpose only. If you decide to follow, please size your investment amount appropriately, and you invest at your own risk.

If you got any questions, feel free to leave a comment, I’ll offer my opinions.

The trade I am going to make is at the end of this post.


Last Thursday I got a random sales message about self-improvement. Typically if it was a website, I would click on the link to review their content to see if there’s any value.

However getting a SMS from a stranger like this is weird and most likely a spam, so I decided to ignore it initially.

The same afternoon after lunch, I saw that message in my inbox, and I had a cheeky thought. So I replied to it. Here’s what I wrote: Continue reading My First Shared Trade and a Cheeky message that made my day