About PowderFool

If you are interested in investing and beating the market, but don’t know where to start, or just want to bounce some ideas with fellow investors, then you have come to the right place.

Don’t worry, Investing shouldn’t be difficult. Financial professionals like to make it complicated with jargon and greek letters so you could pay for their Lamborghini. I would try to keep my post in plain simple English. Please let me know if I start speaking in gobbledygook.

You don’t need to earn a lot to start investing. See how Earl Crawley who earns less than $20,000 a year is worth $500,000 now.

This blog is an ongoing sharing & discussion on stocks, options, markets, investing strategies & philosophies and life experiences.

Investing the Right Way is a mindset.

These are a few ways to make your journey towards financial freedom fruitful:

  • Start a discussion by leaving comments
  • Contact me with suggestions and recommendations
  • Ask questions by leaving comments, that’s how we all learn 😉

If you are new here, you can start with the Ultimate Guide to Invest Successfully.

Daniel Chew (@Powder_Fool) 

227475_843470443535_1947249523_nI am a Chartered Engineer working in the Energy Industry. I have always been a math geek and I got interested in investing in my late teens as my family was affected by the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis.

I started investing in 2006, but I only started investing the Right Way in 2008/9 period. Since then I grew my portfolio and started managing funds for others.

Through investing, I have learnt a lot from various businesses and I connected with interesting people around the globe. The dynamics, psychology, philosophy of the market made me fall in love with it even more.

My Ethos: To help you live a Rich life.

Why PowderFool?

189008_10150176610321241_7022653_nIf you haven’t noticed, I am a keen snowboarder. That’s why I love Powder snow.

For those that understand Cantonese, among my friends, we called each other “Sohai”, which means fool.

I am also a Fool since 2007. In Shakespearean literature – the court jester – speaks the truth to the King without getting his head chopped off.

There’s also a Chinese saying 大智若愚, which means a man of great wisdom looks like a Fool.

So that’s how PowderFool came about.

I sincerely hope you find my blog useful, let’s explore how we can create a PowderFool Avalanche of financial freedom, so you can focus on things that matter.

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