Second Shared Trade


I am lying on a nice sunny Mallorca beach as I type. So I decided to publish my potential second shared trade to spread the warmth.  Continue reading Second Shared Trade

My First Shared Trade and a Cheeky message that made my day

With the market pullback on Friday, I think it is a good time for me to publish my first shared trade. (I was keeping it for later, but the price is very enticing now)

I am going to start sharing some of my basic trades here from time to time. Please note that this is for informational purpose only. If you decide to follow, please size your investment amount appropriately, and you invest at your own risk.

If you got any questions, feel free to leave a comment, I’ll offer my opinions.

The trade I am going to make is at the end of this post.


Last Thursday I got a random sales message about self-improvement. Typically if it was a website, I would click on the link to review their content to see if there’s any value.

However getting a SMS from a stranger like this is weird and most likely a spam, so I decided to ignore it initially.

The same afternoon after lunch, I saw that message in my inbox, and I had a cheeky thought. So I replied to it. Here’s what I wrote: Continue reading My First Shared Trade and a Cheeky message that made my day