Wisdom and Knowledge

It’s amazing how much the world has changed over the last 20 years. Technological advancement has changed our daily lives significantly, that it’s hard to imagine a lot of us were living without a basic mobile phone at that time. It also got me thinking how my view on wisdom and knowledge has evolved.

Wisdom and Knowledge are 2 separate things. Whilst they are generally correlated, being knowledgable does not equate to being wise. Continue reading Wisdom and Knowledge

Shadows of my Past

I like taking the train. It gives me time to reflect on my past. In this information era, things move so quickly and there are often times we miss the little things in life that make it beautiful.

Last weekend I took a coastal train to Edinburgh. Although with the typical grey weather of Scotland, the green pine conifer trees along the coastal path make the scenic journey enjoyable. I also saw a few highland cows along the way which reminds me of a friend that left Aberdeen recently, you know who you are 😉

So the 2.5 hours journey made me think of a few shadows of my past, some people might call it regrets, but I think shadow is more appropriate for my circumstance.

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Are We Taking Care of Our Loved Ones?

Let me share a real-life story of a good friend/mentor of mine.

Jim Trodden, he’s the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) for an oil platform. Jim came very close to dying last year from a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm. In plain English, one of his main blood vessel burst. Continue reading Are We Taking Care of Our Loved Ones?

How do I start to Invest?

Life is full of choices… In this new age, that is especially true in the world of investment. We could invest in start-up, bitcoins, wine, property, shares, oil, art and the list goes on… This can be very confusing and how can I start to invest? In fact, I missed the most important investment,  Continue reading How do I start to Invest?

What makes one Rich?

Over the years, human societies have evolved differently in various part of the world. Personally, the meaning of Rich has also evolved over time.

as a kid, when I learnt the word Rich, it meant having lots of money.

as I grew up, I think of Rich in a slightly different way, to me being happy is being Rich.

before I continue on, let me share a familiar but meaningful story: The parable of a Mexican fisherman. Continue reading What makes one Rich?