Shadows of my Past

I like taking the train. It gives me time to reflect on my past. In this information era, things move so quickly and there are often times we miss the little things in life that make it beautiful.

Last weekend I took a coastal train to Edinburgh. Although with the typical grey weather of Scotland, the green pine conifer trees along the coastal path make the scenic journey enjoyable. I also saw a few highland cows along the way which reminds me of a friend that left Aberdeen recently, you know who you are 😉

So the 2.5 hours journey made me think of a few shadows of my past, some people might call it regrets, but I think shadow is more appropriate for my circumstance.


  • Picked on my cousins

I am not proud of this. Many of you who know me in the past know how cheeky I can be. When I was younger I did pick on my cousins, knowing I could get away with it.

I am sorry, cousins. I love you all!

However I have changed a lot since then. I hate the feeling of being a bully, so what happened has made me who I am today.

  • Burnt my neighbours house down

Ok, maybe not the whole house, but at least a quarter of it.

It’s customary to play with fireworks during Chinese New Year. During my early childhood, I ran out of fireworks so I grabbed some matches from the kitchen and started throwing them into my neighbour rubbish bin like a firework.

When I finished a pack of them I went back to the kitchen to grab more matches. When I got back out, my neighbours house pillar was in flames. So I tried to put the flame out by running in and out of my grandfather place with a small bucket of water. After all, that seems to work on kids TV!

Long story short, I failed and the adults noticed and quickly put out the flames. I was caned and grounded by them for a long long time….

I learnt that TV shows are never all true, it’s hard trying to be a hero as a little kid, and little buckets of water don’t put out a real fire.

Although I was fortunate coming from a middle-class family, I was gutted when I learnt that after the crisis, my London university plan was compromised.

Thank God for relatives and friends, they gave my family reassurance that they would help out if required and I would not be left stranded halfway through my education.

I knew then on investing can make or break someone dreams. Over the years, I learnt and tried different investing strategies, so I know investing the Right Way is key to achieving one’s dreams.

  • The One that got away

What happen to her now? What if I settled down with her?

Sometimes I might wonder what life would be like if I marry her. However I would never meet my future wife, might not have started this blog etc…

So why am I telling you all these?

I am who I am because of the experiences that forged me.

Although they are shadows of my life, but without them, I would be a very different person today.

Shadow manifests only when there is Light.

March past the origin of the Shadow, it’s there where you would find Light and Let the Light define your present and your future.




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