Summer day blues

Summer’s officially gone. (Some of my friends would even argue it’s existent here)

My parents arrived in Scotland last week, they managed to catch a glimpse of summer warmth while we were walking around the coast over the weekend. Since then it’s been the typical grey weather we get most days.

IMG_3441Why am I writing about the weather?

Other than being one of the frequent topics in the UK, I find it fascinating how my perspective changes after being in the UK for more than 10 years.

Growing up in Malaysia, I never appreciated sunny days. I much preferred cloudy or even rainy days where I could play sports just like a kid playing in a massive natural shower; or taking a nap, listening to the soothing raindrops.

However being in the UK now, chilling in a park or a beer garden whenever there is glorious sunshine is always a treat.


In short, without the grey weather, I would never appreciate the sunny days.

With the recent volatile markets, a similar analogy could be drawn. Without a bear market, the gains from a bull market might just be mediocre.

As a long term investor, I always like to see a bear market. My first market crisis experience was in 2008, I remembered it clearly to see most of my investment evaporated. It was definitely painful initially however I continued to persevere, and on hindsight, 2008 crisis is also the greatest opportunity for me so far. Many of the investments I made around that period have done really well till now.

I have shared how I invest in volatile markets. With the recent market rise, I will be patient and wait for the right opportunities to add more to my existing positions.

One thing I am conscious about is not to get sunburn when the sun is out. (figuratively speaking)

It’s always tempting to buy more when the market is performing well, however I would allocate more towards my dry powder so I could take advantage of the opportunities when the time comes.

For those of you who have followed my shared trades, some of you might be sitting at a small profit.

Well done. However don’t celebrate just yet, investing is not a sprint, it is a marathon. I would encourage you to measure your performance 5 or even better 10 years down the line.

20130103_095043On a side note, winter is around the corner, so I would be seeking for powder pretty soon 😉 So I will be posting less.

Feel free to share your thoughts and experience with market volatility. I am keen to listen from you.


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