A Storm is Coming! What to do in a Market Correction.

Over this weekend, I got quite a lot of messages asking similar questions,

“What should I do with shares? Is it going to be like 2008?”

I am sure many of you out there might be thinking the same as well.

I did plan to write about market correction before I started this blog a month ago, it’s not because I have a crystal ball, but statistically speaking, we are long overdue for a market correction. As an investor, we should prepare ourselves both mentally and financially for it.

“A Storm is coming! Take Heart Young One, the Earth Mother is Near.”

1529px-Cairne_Bloodhoof_fullFor those that played a lot of Warcraft 3 game, you might be familiar with these Cairne Bloodhoof quotes, when you are commanding your orc troops around.

Last Friday 21 Aug 2015, from the market high, the US benchmark S&P 500 is 8% down, the Dow is 10% down, The UK FTSE 100 is 13% down.

Today the Australia, Asia markets continues the downward trend.

You get the idea, a storm is coming! What should you do? Continue reading A Storm is Coming! What to do in a Market Correction.