Will I make a difference in 2018?

It feels weird and awkward to write a blog again (among other things) after my long hibernation. But it’s better late than never. As the saying goes, “New year new beginning”. But before that, I should reflect on the past in order to improve for the future.

2017 has been a year of change for me on many fronts. Reusing the previous analogy of the 4F’s of a “rich” life.

Faith: Having a dedicated quiet time daily has refreshed me and challenged me on being a better person.

Family: My family has just recently extended as I am moving on from bachelorhood.

Friends: New friends were made and old relationships (sorry sometimes it’s awkward after a while) rekindled.

Finance: I left a stable and comfortable job to start an investment partnership. As it is far from sustainable, I am also freelancing in parallel.

So what’s new for 2018??

I would like to make a difference by being a better leader in life. Personally I don’t have a habit of having new year resolution. However I am going to model on these Rules of Respect shared by Bill Hybels.

Rule # 1. Leaders must set the example on how to differ with others without demonizing them.

Rule # 2. Leaders must set the example of how to have spirited conversations without drawing blood.

Rule # 3.  Leaders must not interrupt others who are talking and must not dominate the conversation.

Rule # 4.  Leaders must set the example of limiting their volume levels and refusing to use incendiary or belittling words that guarantee to derail a discussion.

Rule # 5.  Leaders must set the example of being courteous in word and deed to everyone at every level.

Rule # 6.  Leaders must never stereotype.

Rule # 7.  Leaders must apologize immediately when they are wrong, instead of denying or doubling down.

Rule # 8.  Leaders must form opinions carefully and stay open minded if better information comes along.

Rule # 9.  Leaders must set the example of showing up when they say they are going to show up and doing what they say they are going to do.

Rule # 10.  Leaders must set “Rules of Respect” for everyone in the organization and enforce them relentlessly.

You might have noticed all the rules start with Leaders. Yes that’s you, everyone. We are leaders and influencer on the people around us. We don’t have to be bosses or manager to be a leader. We influence our family, friends, co-worker and even stranger that we say hi on the street.

For those who are interested, these 10 rules were shared in the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) 2017. Last year speakers include Sheryl Sandberg, Laszlo Bock etc.. . It’s an annual event held in US, however it’s being broadcast in different countries as well.

It is easy to say and hard to do. Therefore I would like everyone to hold me accountable and give me a nudge (be brutal) during my moment of weakness. It’s easy to just comment about the world getting more divisive, but I believe if we plant a seed of change, it will flourish into a beautiful forest with time.

2 thoughts on “Will I make a difference in 2018?”

  1. Hello Dan,
    A Guid New Year tae you and yours!
    We are glad that you are inclined to post again.
    You have our ears.
    Tell us more.

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